22 March 2016

Contest period: 2 March - 22 April 2016

  • Most Creative Video winners x 4 group winners:  
    • Singapore 2D/1N trip x 2 pax
    • Entry pass to Universal Studio x 2 pax 
    • Certificate x 2 pax 
    • Promo commitment at trade event – CommunicAsia 2016 held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 
      • Selected videos will be screened at CommunicAsia 2016 with an international audience of close to 50,000 people.  
      • Winning teams are required to attend the promo activities held on 3 Jun at Huawei’s booth. 
      • Winner teams will require to attend an interview on how they work on the project, challenges, satisfaction, etc. at CommunicAsia 2016 
  • Audience choice x 3 group of winners: 
    • Honor 5X x 1 units  
    • Certificate x 2 
  • Consolation prize x 10 group of winners: Starbucks card worth RM 500 x 1 unit

How to participate:
  1. Choose 1 out of 3 themes:
    • Better Connected Campus
      Learning made fun and stimulating through virtual learning tools, e-library, remote virtual class. Possibilities go as far as the mind can stretch.
    • Safe City
      Crime and burglary free campus with secure monitoring and intelligent recognition system for a more conducive study environment.
    • Better Connected City
      Smart living in a city that is fully connected focusing on safety, convenience and efficiency. Think smart banking, smart transportation and entertainment anywhere anytime.
  2. Make a 30-second to 3-minute video (film, illustration, animation, or stop-motion) of 720p minimum resolution using mobile phone / tablet / camera, or professional filming equipment.
  3. Write a 100-word synopsis of your story.
  4. Upload your video to wetransfer.com and send link with your name, email address, contact number, university/institution/organisation name and synopsis to huaweiapac@gmail.com.

Visit Huawei "OH MY WEI-DEO 2.0" Contest page for more details.


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