19 August 2015

Contest period:  3 August - 10 Sept 2015
Modding Competition online registration is open from 3-20 August 2015

  • 1st Prize: US$1000 Cash prize
  • 2nd Prize:US$600 Cash Prize
  • 3rd Prize: US$300 Cash Prize
  • Participants Prize : GeForce GTX series x2, per country
  • Voters Prize : GeForce GTX series x2 ,per country

How to participate:
  • You can submit your modding case on the competition website.
  • Old works which took part in other competitions along with new works are both eligible to joining the program.
  • You must prepare at least 4 pictures clearly displaying the graphics card used inside the machine – you can use any NVIDIA GeForce GTX card. (Picture quality: 150 dpi)

How to win:
  • Voting will go public between 21 August - 10 September, 2015
  • All visitors to the competition page can vote. 1 vote is allowed per person.
  • NVIDIA will collect all votes cast on or before September 10, 2015 (11:59pm) .The winners will be based on the number of votes received.

Visit NVIDIA’s PC Modding Contest for more details.


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