08 May 2015

Contest period:  5 May - 15 Jun 2015

  • Gadget obsession:
    • 1st Prize: iPhone 6 (16GB)
    • 2nd Prize: Samsung GALAXY Note 4 (32GB)
    • 3rd Prize: iPad Air 2 (16GB)
  • Camera obsession: 
    • 1st Prize: GoPro Hero 4 (silver edition)
    • 2nd Prize: Sony Cyber HX60V
    • 3rd Prize:FUJIFILM Instax Mini 90 NEO
  • Console obsession:
    • 1st Prize: Xbox One
    • 2nd Prize: Sony Playstation 4
    • 3rd Prize: Nintendo Wii U (8GB)
  •  Weekly Prizes x18 (3 winners/week) : Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster hamper each

How to participate:
  1. Join this contest via facebook.
  2. Register your contact information.
  3. Choose your obsession, complete the daily task by answering questions and other activities to gain game points for a chance to win prizes.

Visit Roller Coaster Gila-Gila Nak O for more details.

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