01 August 2014

Contest period:  18 July - 10 August 2014

  • Prize x30 winners/store: RM300 Tesco voucher each
  • Bonus prize x5 winners/store: RM600 Tesco voucher each

How to participate:
  1. Spend a minimum of RM50 within a receipt.
  2. Present your receipt(s) at the Contest booth for registration.
  3. Upon registration, you will be given a ticket with a number. You will only be eligible for ONE (1) registration per store/location and will only be given ONE (1) number regardless of how many receipts amounting to RM50.00 and above you provide.
  4. When the Contest starts, you will need to find a Tesco Staff in the store with the matching number, return to the Contest booth with both numbers and answer a question correctly to win the Contest. The fastest 30 contestants who returns to the Contest booth and correctly answers a question will win the Contest and Tesco vouchers worth RM300.00 per person.
  5. Additionally, there will be a bonus round for up to 5 contestant where they will need to perform an extra activity to win additional Tesco vouchers. The extra activity (can be pantun, puisi, etc) shall be decided solely at the Organiser’s discretion.
  6. Win instant cash vouchers upon verification of matching numbers.

Visit Tesco's "Peraduan Lebih Hangat" contest page for more details.


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