18 September 2013

Contest period:  15 Sept - 15 Dec 2013

  • Grand Prize x1: RM100,000
  • Cash Reward x1: RM50,000
  • Cash Reward x1: RM20,000
  • Cash Reward x10: RM10,000
  • Cash Reward x50: RM1,000
  • Consolation x50: 50,000 ePoints
  • Exclusive Prize x25: Limited Edition Aazon Aziz Signature DriveM7 T-shirts for winners with purchase of DriveM7 Energy Drink

How to participate:
Just answer 3 simple questions on service station safety. Attach your eCard receipt or BHPetromart receipt for purchase of DriveM7 Energy Drink or any other item* to the Drive4Power contest form.

Visit BHPetrol Drive4Power Contest for more details.


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