04 January 2013

Contest period:   1 Jan - 31 Mar 2013

Monthly Prizes: 
  • 1st prize : Branded LED HD Television + Allianz Home Shield
  • 2nd prize : Branded Home Theater (3D Blu Ray) + Allianz Home Shield Policy
  • 3rd prize : Branded Electric Oven + Allianz Home Shield Policy
  • 4th prize : Allianz Home Shield Policy
  • 5th prize : Allianz Home Shield Policy

How to participate:
  1. Play the online game. Build your dream home on an empty plot of land and Publish it to get the most number of "bids" as possible for your home.
  2. Answer a question correctly and you will be awarded FREE Allianz Home Shield insurance for this home that you would be auctioning. Be cautious, a wrong answer could spell disaster.
  3. Once you get your Allianz Home Shield insurance, you can Publish your home. The home with the most "bids" will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
  4. You can build more homes to increase your chances to win. Just invite 20 friends for an extra plot of land and AZ$1 million. You can obtain a maximum of five lands with AZ$1 million each.

    * Bid = LIKE

Visit Allianz Shield Your Home Contest for more details.


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