26 December 2012

Contest period: 21 Dec 2012 - 11 Jan 2013 (every weekday for 4 weeks)

  • 1x iPad Mini 16 GB

How to participate:
  1. Sign in to your ChurpChurp account. If you have yet to register for one, sign up now at www.ChurpChurp.com
  2. Make sure to complete the sign-up walkthrough to complete your personal details so that you’re eligible for this contest. We need those details to contact you if you’re a winner!
  3. Head on to the “Rewards” tab where you will see at least one special campaign titled “Churprise”. One Churprise campaign will be revealed every weekday until 4th January 2013, where you will have the chance to win a different gift with each campaign.
  4. Share the Churprise campaign of your choice (or ALL of them!) on your social media platforms to invite your friends to join you at ChurpChurp. Churpers with the highest referrals from a Churprise campaign will win that prize!
  5. Stay tuned to the Rewards tab, as a new prize will be revealed every Monday to Friday.

Visit Churprise contest page for more details, or check out all other Churprises.


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