19 March 2012

Contest period: 10 Mar - 22 Apr 2012

  • 1st prize: RM12,500 AEON Gift vouchers & 25,000 AEON member points
  • 2nd prize x 2: RM6,500 AEON Gift vouchers & 15,000 AEON member points
  • 3rd prize x 3: RM4,500 AEON Gift vouchers & 10,000 AEON member points
  • Consolation prize x 23: RM500 AEON Gift vouchers & 1,000 AEON member points

How to participate:
  1. Spend a mininum of RM50 (member) or RM80 (non member) in a single / combination of 2 receipts at any AEON Store.
  2. Head over to the 3D AEON structure located at the AEON store entrance and count the number of "AEON logos" displayed on the structure.
  3. Fill in your answer in the contest form, complete a single slogan and submit your entry into the contest box provided.

Visit AEON Retail Malaysia Facebook fan page for more detail.

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