06 October 2011

Contest period: 3 Oct - 2 Nov 2011

Prizes: a fully sponsored road trip anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia with 3 friends. RM5000 cash & a car provided.

How to participate:
  1. Submit Virtual Road Trip
  2. Tag the three friends you want to come along for the road trip.
  3. Upload 8 pictures that would tell an interesting story of your road trip. Each picture can be a place, a road sign or anything memorable that you can see on a road trip. It can even be something you sketch.
  4. Post your album.
  5. Get your road trip buddies to help you tell the trip’s stories by commenting on each picture in the album. They’ll need to like this page to access this app and post comments.

Visit Perodua Facebook fan page for more detail.

Hot news:
Unbelievable, Papa John's set meals at RM9.90 and Free drinks at Capriciossa!



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